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  • MidSemester Progress

    Happy Halloween, Everyone!

    The middle of the semester has brought a lot of exciting projects to the table. With Curtis Lawrence's Reporting & Writing II class calling for a lot of deadline writing, interviews from Chicago aldermen as well as covering potential mayoral canditate Jésus "Chuy" García's lecture at a UIC political science class, a lot of solid news-heavy work has been produced. 

    Two of my articles for his class— my 2015 Budget Address story and business feature on a South Side jazz bar M Lounge— have been posted on ChicagoTalks. Make sure to give them a read; both stories vary from eachother stylistically and topically, so I'd appreciate to hear what you guys think! Also, the business feature was a multi-media package. Included in the post is the interview clips and photos of the Lounge itself.

    New to my the "Articles" dropdown is coverage of the ASNE/AMPE Convention's Media Literacy Panel. Their discussion addressed how citizen journalism can be a very effective and powerful tool, communication considered. Take a look here: ASNEFergusonLiteracyPanelPortfolio.pdf

    Expect another post around the end of the semester on some of my final pieces and a JTerm updated with everything I've been working on for CS Interiors. Again, thanks for taking the time to read all of these new additions to my site! 

    Best, Bianca