I specialize in double entendres—
which, for awhile, I thought were puns
Do you ever call pasta sauce “gravy?”
Because if so...please leave
Currently leaning into that
whole “communication is key” thing

I'm a copywriter and brand strategist who marries personal anecdotes and colorful language to
communicate compelling brand messages.

            As a trained
journalist and editor
, I’m passionate about the entire scope of the creative process. Be it naming brands and crafting their unique positions to
strategizing social messages
or editing newsletter content—no matter the medium, I’m wholeheartedly invested In all facets of the projects I’m a part of.
            But enough about the serious stuff.
            I’m also the loving mother of two cats—
Pearl and Norman
—and am currently listening to
Molchat Doma
Alex G
. I’ve been enjoying taking masked strolls into Lincoln Square with
my boyfriend Brett
to pick up our favorite imports from
Gene's Sausage Shop and Delicatessen
, and I’m currently obsessed with
Search Party
(if you’re looking for a show that’ll suck you in, you’re welcome).