Distant Community


After a few challenging weeks at work, Beth Vande Griend ︎︎︎, Nick Rissmeyer ︎︎︎, Tim Finch ︎︎︎, and I were sharing how even though we both run in similar creative circles and work in the same industry, there isn't any one space where we felt we could come together to share work, get feedback on said work, and above all else, feel connected beyond the conventional "follow."
        Plenty of this distance can be attributed to the pandemic, right? Otherwise, we'd bump into each other at art exhibitions, design gigs, and possibly even a show. But we felt (and still feel) like our distance from each other runs deeper. That there was a big gap in our digital modes of sharing and communicating and our ability to connect more meaningfully.
        So, enter Distant—a vibrant, vulnerable digital community that inspires easy-going exchange. A Slack community composed of a diverse set of makers, artists, and creatives—industry, years of experience, POV, and career ambitions considered. A place that's open and honest, casual, and willing to evolve and morph to what members want and need.
        Think of Distant as an Instagram level-up! A virtual "turn to the person next to you" to ask a question. A place to exchange resources, ideas, and more. This space Is somewhere where people can learn from others and learn with others. Find new potential collaborators. Develop friends to lean on. And all possible while we can't connect IRL, now and whenever that remains true in the future.
        Distant intentionally is low-stakes and informal. We don't want to take this or ourselves too seriously. (Think an entire channel dedicated to cute pet pictures or how to file your taxes with ease if you're a freelancer. A place for tips on navigating potential career paths or intel on how someone made a really cool thing). We think it's all worth sharing.

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