Twenty-something ︎︎︎ is a newsletter about being twenty-something. Or thirty-something. Or forty-something (you get the idea). Every week, we pose a question about the most important things impacting young adults today or the questions we can't stop thinking about while we mindlessly scrolling on our phones, taking our Screen Time to new limits.
        We have a lot of questions. We will rarely answer them in their entirety. We will have fun trying.


Why am I so afraid of the dentist? ︎︎︎
Am I the naked neighbor? ︎︎︎
Can horny playlists keep your relationship going? ︎︎︎
Can we make it out of Daylight Savings Time ending? ︎︎︎
Should you let go of your traditions? ︎︎︎
What would you write in a letter to yourself? ︎︎︎
When was the first time you were sex shamed? ︎︎︎
What do you do when your roommate is your boyfriend? ︎︎︎
Why are we ashamed of loving Twilight ︎︎︎
Do you agree with your mom on what’s beautiful? ︎︎︎