I specialize in double entendres—
which, for awhile, I thought were puns
Do you ever call pasta sauce “gravy?”
Because if so...please leave
Currently leaning into that
whole “communication is key” thing

Unread, Vol. 1: The Curiosity Issue

Unread is One Design’s biannual publication that lets the studio push a part of their process into the spotlight and express their perspective, celebrating the details that tend to get lost in the rush of it all.
            Myself, along with Design Director David Sieren, Associate Creative Director Nora Dyer, Associate Creative Director Kyle Meyer and Designer Erick Morales concepted, wrote, designed, and produced Unread’s first volume—The Curiosity Issue. We embraced the worlds of print, sound, and interactivity—all mediums we hold dear within the studio—to tell the stories contained within.