I specialize in double entendres—
which, for awhile, I thought were puns
Do you ever call pasta sauce “gravy?”
Because if so...please leave
Currently leaning into that
whole “communication is key” thing

Wilder Fields

Wilder Fields is a technology-enabled food company vertically-growing greens in Calumet City that prioritize exceptional flavor, texture and cleanliness all while postivitely impacting our communities and our planet.
            Formerly known as Backyard Fresh Farms, I was able to help craft the Wilder Fields brand from start to finish alongside Associate Creative Director Stacey Donaldson, Junior Designer Nick Rissmeyer, Account Director Robyn Paprocki-Woodford and Project Manager Stacey Shintani. We conducted a discovery workshop with stakeholders and research with target audiences to inform the brand’s unique positioning strategy, messaging plan, name, identity program, and packaging system.

Read the full case study here.

Notable features