I specialize in double entendres—
which, for awhile, I thought were puns
Do you every call pasta sauce “gravy?”
Because if so...please leave
Currently leaning into that
whole “communication is key” thing

Wilder Fields

Wilder Fields is a technology-enabled food company vertically-growing greens in Calumet City that prioritize exceptional flavor, texture and cleanliness all while postivitely impacting our communities and our planet.
            Formerly known as Backyard Fresh Farms, I was able to help craft the Wilder Fields brand from start to finish alongside Associate Creative Director Stacey Donaldson, Junior Designer Nick Rissmeyer, Account Director Robyn Paprocki-Woodford and Project Manager Stacey Shintani. We conducted a discovery workshop with stakeholders and research with target audiences to inform the brand’s unique positioning strategy, messaging plan, name, identity program, and packaging system.

Read the full case study here.